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Emer Inversion table

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What is an inversion table?

The inversion table is a type of innovative device for exercise, stretching and sports. It uses the force of gravity to reduce the pressure on the spine, which over time is compressed. Based on the concept of compression dissipation, inversion therapy uses your own weight and natural gravity to reduce the load on the spine, back, and various muscle groups.

The construction of this exclusive stretching tool is quite simple and includes a stable steel frame on which is placed a comfortable table that can rotate in all directions and at different angles. The multifunctional inversion table can be used at home and the exercises on it will not be difficult at all for you.

How to do exercises on an inversion table?

To use the inversion table, you just need to lean back and lie on it and put your feet on a comfortable stand. Relax and let gravity do its work. You can just "hang" upside down, do different exercises, swing, or tilt it at another angle.

The tilt angles you can set are 20, 40, 60, or full rollover, and the time during which it is recommended that your body stay at the selected angle is up to 15 minutes.

Using an Teeter inversion table for only seven minutes a day, for example, is more than enough to feel relief in the spine and lower back and reduce the load on all muscle groups.

How do inversion tables help with healing and stretching?

Inversion therapy is designed to counteract the effects of gravity that affect our bodies. Gravity pulls organs, muscles, and joints down, compressing them toward the spine..

Over time and as we age, this gravity-induced compression can lead to disc herniation, pain in the upper body and spine, and other diseases with similar symptoms.

Exercises with Teeter's inversion tables relieve the pressure in the spine and increase the space between the vertebrae, which helps to treat back and lower back pain, relieve the condition of disc herniation, and more.

In addition to the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, inversion therapy is useful because it:

● Reduces stress ● Increases flexibility
● Improves blood circulation
● Relaxes tense muscles
● Reduces nerve pressure
● Rehydrates discs
● Increases muscle tone

Who are the inversion tables for?

The inversion therapy provided by the exercises on this exclusive stretching tool can benefit people of all ages.

● The inversion tables are designed for people who suffer from diseases such as herniated discs, back pain, low back pain, stenosis, spinal deformities, and other spinal diseases.
● They are also useful for people who just want to shake off stress and need a little "hanging" to feel fit again.
● They are also useful for active athletes. With the help of the inverted bench, they can easily follow their training regime, whether it is dynamic bench training or an effortless workout.

How long does it take to see the effects of inversion therapy?

People who use the combined inversion table for stretching and sports say that even after the first attempt they feel a reduction in pain. Persons who trained on it for 5 to 7 minutes two or three times a week share that only after a month they have found their solution for pain and can not only move normally, but also return to their favorite activities.

Why Ember Inversion Tables?

The adjustable Ember inversion tables have been manufactured since 1981 and enjoy a reputation as one of the highest quality and most innovative stretching and sports inversion table for home use available on the market. Teeter inversion tables are made of high quality materials and are the only ones to which the certification laboratory Underwriter's Laboratories has issued its UL 1647 certificate of quality and safety.

In addition to being high quality, Teeter inversion tables offer a number of specialized features such as:

● Automatic locking hinges to prevent accidents during stretching or exercise
● Special roller bearings to prevent squeaking
● Automatic devices that allow the inversion table to be locked at full rollover
● Ability for customization
● Each Teeter inversion table comes with a disc with useful exercises that can help you deal with low back and back pain, as well as and muscle problems.

Inversion tables have helped millions find natural relief from their pain!

If you spend only a few minutes a day training, you will achieve several sure results:

  • Effective treatment of low back and back pain, as well as successful fight against discopathy, disc herniation, and stenosis.
    The use of the inversion tables relaxes the muscles, helps to renew the discs and joints, and removes tension in the back and waist.

  • Reduced stress
    Exercises with the Teeter inversion table release the tension in the waist and back.

  • Increased flexibility
    Daily use of the couch will improve your physical fitness for an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Build strong core muscles
    Strengthens the core muscles with exercises in the inverted position of the body.
  • The inversion table is useful for:
    low back pain, back pain, discopathy, and disc herniation.

compact size


After use, simply fold the inversion table and put it away. Its compact design allows you to easily find storage space for it.

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Designed to help
no back pain

The inversion table is the device you can’t live without!

Easy to use! Just follow the 3 steps:

Just 7 minutes a day of exercise with the inversion table and you will feel the difference!

Inverted couch Ember

Ember is so precisely balanced that it gives you complete control over your rotation for maximum comfort. Adjust the device to one of the preset rotation angles and relax.

Price: BGN 350

Warranty: 1 year


Testimonial QuotesI just want to share the experience that of all the sites and providers I've talked to, Lejanki was the kindest, the fastest and for me personally the most profitable place to find such devices.


Testimonial QuotesWe can only agree with the people who recommend these inversion tables. The bosses bought them for the office, and at first we took them more as a joke when someone was hanging upside down. A month later, everyone's morning workout is in the office and we only share stories of who started to feel better. So ... don't think too much, buy it!

Nelly Tikhomirova

Testimonial QuotesThese inversion tables are a great choice for the home, they are very quickly and easily to use, and their price is not exorbitant for the good results they achieve. I recommend buying them for use at home for people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle, but have a busy daily life.

Simona S.

Testimonial QuotesAnyone who suffers from back pain, especially for years, should have this device at home.

For me, lower back pain had become an integral part of my life - I get up, it hurts, I go to work - it hurts, I go to bed - it hurts. Nothing could improve my condition.

I have tried herbs, ointments, personal training, physiotherapy ... And improvement - very little. I was in the United States a year and a half ago and there I saw an advertisement for Teeter. I didn't pay attention ... I was there for work and I didn't have much time to think. I returned to BG shortly after that and a few weeks later I saw an advertisement for the same product here as well. I started reading in the forums if it helps, what are the reviews for Teeter in general on Bulgarian and American sites. There were a lot of people who gave a positive assessment of the product, so I decided after a lot of thinking to try it myself.

I ordered from It arrived at my home in 4 days. I began to gradually increase the time on the table. First 10, 15 minutes, then 30 minutes. Now I spend about an hour, my back is straight in a way that it has never been before. I use it often, I sit on the inversion table so much because I like how I feel in my back and waist afterwards.

People, the product really works!!!

Ivan Angelov

Testimonial QuotesI want to write a few lines about Inversion tables and I hope my experience will be useful to people who have been struggling with insidious discopathy for years. I have been practicing rhythmic gymnastics professionally since I was a child and after almost 12 years of professional training, my nightmares started with back, neck and lower back pain. I know that disc herniation generally occurs in people who have been in athletics for a long time and alas, it did not pass me by. The last few years have been quite difficult for me to stop doing my usual physical activities and I started looking for options to deal with the problem. I tried what was available - from ordinary medicine - drugs, through physiotherapy and alternative methods, but the desired panacea did not work. I also tried the inversion table 7 months ago, which got me back on my feet in just 2 months and since then I use it every day for 15 minutes and I can get up without worries. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from a painful herniated disc!

Michaela Tsvetkova


Testimonial QuotesIn the first days I don't remember there being much difference, I may have imagined. After 1-2 weeks I felt my back like after a short massage or workout (when I added a little warm-up before stretching). A month later, it is definitely clear that I have less tension in my back and the pain has subsided. I will not stop using them!

Daniel, accountant

Testimonial QuotesI have tried other treatments, massages and therapies, and paid quite a bit of money for them. The main difference between Teeter and the rest I have used is that here the investment is one-time, you use it at home and it takes 10-15 minutes. In fact, it's worth it!

Vanya Sh.

Testimonial QuotesI just want to express my gratitude for the fast and accurate delivery, I managed to do the assembly myself in 15 minutes and I already tried it - a great device!

Marin P.

Testimonial QuotesI watched a lot of videos on YouTube, I read a lot about Teeter inversion tables before I decided to order. I have been suffering from stenosis for years and there has been no permanent relief for a long time, neither from injections, nor from physiotherapy, I will not get to surgery. Let me get back to the inversion tables. I have been using them for a month, I have not used any gels or pills, only them. And I have to say that my back relaxes a lot. The tension is gone, the cutting pain is gone. I will continue to use them in the future.

Milena Apostolova

Testimonial QuotesFor people like me who sit in front of a computer for 14 hours a day, Teeter turned out to be an exceptional hit! I'm not sorry I ordered it, on the contrary. I have used it for almost a month and a half, 1 hour a day and I definitely do not have the constant tension and stiffness in the neck and waist. I'm glad I found you and ordered from you!

Dido Kolev

Testimonial QuotesI love fitness and everything related to it, I've been doing it for years. The problem is that often as a result of severe overload with weights I get quite unpleasant and prolonged pain in the lower back and neck. I saw an advertisement for the inversion table and decided to give it a try. I had tried everything - injections, medications, massages and nothing helped. I have to say that I was helped by the inversion table, and in just a few days I got relief. It's easy to use, you just lie upside down with your spine straight and wait for relief. Indeed, after a hard day at the gym, when I come home tired and lie down for a few minutes on the table, my waist and neck calm down and stop hurting.

Ivan Petrov
Fitness Ltd.

Testimonial QuotesOur clients are usually people who want to maintain good shape and muscle tone, but lately we have clients with severe pain from neurological diseases, to whom we have recommended an inversion table. My relatives had used the product for problems with disc herniation and tingling in the spine and it had a fairly quick effect. That's why I started recommending the inversion table to my clients as well - there is definitely a decrease in pain even after just a few weeks, I recommend - it has an effect!

Maria Doncheva
Waga Today Ltd.

Testimonial QuotesFor years I have had a problem with discopathy, which I tried to overcome in many different ways - training, exercise, medication and nothing helped. For almost 2 years I have been suffering from numbness in the lower back caused by discopathy.

A few months ago I read somewhere about the Amber inversion tables.

I had doubts, I was trying a lot of things, but nothing helped. They delivered the table to my house and I tried it the same evening. I lay on it upside down. It was a strange feeling. It wasn't a miracle the first time, but I kept trying.

After a few weeks of regular use for 15 minutes a day - I just lay upside down - and began to feel soothing in the lower back. It was not immediate, but there was an improvement in the third week.

I continue to use the tables and I must admit that the pain is far from unbearable. I definitely feel much better.

Daniel Stefanov

Testimonial QuotesWe ordered products from the catalog for the whole office. At this stage I can say that we received extremely positive comments and people are very happy with the exercises and say that after work they feel healthier instead of more tired. I think the devices have a great application for the office and we even consider them a kind of entertainment, in addition to their main health benefits. I recommend for all offices.

Jordan Antonov

Testimonial QuotesFirst I bought an inversion table for myself. Then I recommended it to my sister. Then we gave it to our mother together. We now recommend it to all our other relatives and friends. We feel much less tension in the back and although it looks big, it doesn't take up space at home at all.

Antonia Ivanova

Testimonial QuotesI have loved tourism and travel since I was a child. Almost every month I am in another city, another country, and I like to go around all the sights. About half a year ago I had back pain, and each doctor had a different theory, but most often it was associated with long walks. Needless to say, nothing helped, and stuffing yourself with drugs is very annoying. Only massages had a short-term effect on me. As I was about to end my travelling ways, I became desperate in my attempts to improve. One of the tips I received was about these inversion tables and hanging upside down. I was most skeptical about them, but I was ready for anything, so I took it. And what a surprise when in the second week I started to feel better and less sore! From personal experience I can say that with daily use of the inversion table in combination with massages, the result is better than any medication!

Mitko Tsanev

Testimonial QuotesAll I want to share is not to procrastinate like me! For several months I wondered if I should order such an inversion table, and the pain continued. When I finally did it, I felt a slight relief in the first week and the effect continued to improve in the following week. Don't wait, these tables are great!


Testimonial QuotesIn less than 30 minutes they delivered and assembled the inversion table for me, without wasting a minute of my time. Now I enjoy it in the living room and I have been using it every day for 1 week!


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