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Back pains

Back pain – for most people this phrase does not sound too disturbing and they do not pay enough attention to the problem. Often the pain is temporary and once it subsides, we have forgotten about what happened.

However, the truth is that it can be an indicator of diseases that are about to develop or have already done so. It is therefore crucial that you take action earlier to save serious problems down the line. In this article, we will tell you more about back pain, as well as opportunities to get rid of it.

Болки в гърба на трениращ човек | Lejanki.bgWhat exactly does back pain represent?

The spine is of fundamental importance to our body. It is under almost constant stress, and its resistance to gravity allows our body to stand up – both when moving and in a sitting position.

To withstand the pressure, the spine is arranged in a unique way. In short, it consists of various elements that are dynamically connected to give it both flexibility and strength.

The vertebrae form the base, and among them are articulated ligaments and discs. Each vertebra has a massive body and an arc, from which protrude the so-called nerve roots, giving extra strength.

The joints take care of the mobility and the discs absorb the shocks. At the same time, the skeletal system and body muscles are connected in a complex way to the spine.

Any change in the mentioned elements and connections usually leads to back pain. They, in turn, can “bring” us a number of diseases such as herniated discs or stenosis

Обездвижване на работа в офиса | Lejanki.bgWhat are the causes of back pain?

According to various statistics, pain in the lower or upper back is one of the most common pains in the human body. The data show that about 90 percent of people on the planet suffer or have suffered from this problem.

The reasons can be many – overload, improper lifting of heavy objects, awkward postures, improper posture, cold drafts in a room, an accident…

Degeneration of the elements of the spine often leads to such pain. Such structural changes do not wait for us to grow old, but start begin happening when we are in our 30s.

Of course, the cause of back problems has to do with lifestyle. In many people it is such that it creates conditions not only for wear and tear, but also for damage to this part of the body.

The main thing we do that “helps” with the development of the pain in question is being inactive. Among the most common reasons for stiffening of a certain part of the spine is a very common occurrence – the monotonous and bad posture in which we sit in front of the computer for hours. Driving long distances also has a serious effect on back problems.

In these and similar cases, over time, spinal deformities, pain in the upper or lower part of the spine, and more can occur. They, in turn, lead to a number of serious diseases, which we will look at shortly.

Specialists give an interesting piece of advice – the practice of the so-called. “Industrial gymnastics”. For example, periodically interrupt the monotonous viewing on the computer and make some basic movements on the spot to engage different parts of the body.

It sounds too easy to be effective, but in fact it is very likely that the result will pleasantly surprise you. Of course, more physical activity is recommended – fitness, walking, etc. A good solution is to change daily activities, especially if your everyday life passes with long hours of standing in an awkward and bad position and with almost no physical activity.

Дискова херния и болки |

For what diseases can back pain be a symptom?

Sometimes back pain goes away in a few days and we quickly forget about it, but it is very possible for it to return, to become more regular, and also chronic. It can be a symptom of a number of rather unpleasant diseases.

Among the most common is discopathy. It leads to disc damage and nerve compression, and the latter can even lead to paralysis.

In stenosis, on the other hand, there is a narrowing of the canal in which the spinal cord is located, or of the openings that are located between the vertebrae. These constrictions can also compress the nerve roots.

There are many other diseases that the immobility and the resulting spinal curvature can lead to, such as radiculitis, plexitis, and osteoporosis.

X-Ray снимка на човешки гръбнак |

How is back pain diagnosed?

Identifying the causes of the back pain you are experiencing takes place in several stages:

Preliminary conversation

The moment you make an appointment and enter the office of a specialist, he will ask you to tell him where you are in pain, how severe the back pain is, how often it occurs, etc. He will also ask you about your your daily activities, whether you have been injured recently, whether your profession is related to physical activity, and more. Through this preliminary consultation, the doctor compiles a more complete clinical picture to try to determine the main reason why your lower back or other part of the spine hurts.


Physical examination

During the physical examination, the specialist will ask you to walk around the office, to sit, to bend down, to bend to one side. Then you will touch the back, waist and all parts of the body where you feel pain with your hands.


The doctor will feel different parts of your body, seeking to determine where the problem areas are, which may be the cause of your low back pain. The examination ends with a check of the reflexes and how your body reacts to certain sensations. The doctor makes this check in order to be able to determine whether the pain affects the nerves or not and what exactly is the cause of the pain symptoms.


If the examination finds that you do not have any affecting or debilitating symptoms or neurological loss, it is likely that your doctor will monitor your condition for a period of time without ordering other tests.

However, if your condition does not improve after a few days, or if the cause of the acute back pain cannot be determined by a physical examination alone, the specialist will order more tests.


X-ray examination

In this type of clinical examination, it can be determined whether you have abnormalities in the spine such as fractures, tumors, or spinal deformities due to disease or improper posture. However, if you suffer from lumbago, disc herniation, or have routine lower or upper back pain, X-rays will not be able to detect them.

MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance)

MRI examination provides a detailed image of the vertebral structures without exposure to X-rays. Through this type of examination, soft tissue disorders, muscle disorders, intervertebral disorders, spinal deformities, joint overgrowth, tumors, and other conditions can be detected.


This type of diagnostic test is somewhat similar to MRI. The difference between them is that a computed tomography scan of the spine takes a detailed image, which is then reformatted into a 3D image. Thanks to this detailed 3D image, specialists can examine the spine for the most common causes of the kind of pain you are experiencing and make a more accurate diagnosis of the causes and type of disease. This test detects diseases such as herniated discs, problems with bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, nerve roots, ligaments, and blood vessels.


Myelography is often performed jointly in computed tomography. In this test, a contrast agent is injected into the spinal canal, which is concentrated around the spinal cord and the nerves that come out of it. Myelography can be used to locate the main foci of pain with great precision.


The test is usually scheduled if you have complaints such as tingling or weakness in the limbs. The test involves measuring the weak electrical charges that pass through the muscles. With electromyography, experts can assess the condition of the nerves, whether there are lesions of the nerve fibers or other occurrences.

Only after you have been examined and performed all the tests to determine the root cause of the pain and on the basis of the obtained clinical pictures, doctors can diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment for back pain.

What is the possible treatment for back pain?

As already mentioned, the causes of pain are numerous and can be a symptom of many diseases. It is therefore advisable to consult a specialist before starting any treatment for acute low back pain or pain in any other part of the spine.

As it turns out, medicine can help understand the exact nature of pain through X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography or other tests.

Depending on the type of disease, the treatment is different, but in general, specialists initially recommend therapies with medication or exercise.


Usually, the drugs used to fight upper and lower back pain are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. They can be pills, capsules, creams, or lubricating gels… There is an option to administer injections as well as to use laser therapy.

Spa treatment is also a method that could have a strong effect using massages, treatment with mud and herbs, etc.

Physiotherapy is a common way to deal with problems with certain parts of the spine. It can be conducted in a specialized center or at home.

We should not underestimate the need to focus on a number of daily practices that will help us fight the pain for a long time. For example, the desk and chair in the office should be at a height where the elbows, knees, and hips are at right angles. Or, always distribute the load evenly between the two hands when carrying shopping, luggage, and the like. When lifting heavy objects, we should squat instead of stretching out our arms and legs and then pulling up the object.

Speaking of physical activity, we must clarify that it is extremely important for the appearance of the pain syndrome (due to physical activity being lacking), and for the elimination of the problem. So if you exercise regularly and ensure you do the right exercises, the return journey to good health is not that long. Better still, you won’t be poisoning your body with any chemicals.

Of course, it is normal to think that a “miracle” pill or ointment and sitting still will cure you better than if you strain your body. The truth is, however, that in general, the more you are lacking in activity, the more the problem will deepen. Therefore, you will not go wrong if you emphasize exercising, such as using inversion tables.

Обърнато висене на лежанка Тийтър | Lejanki.bgHow do inversion tables help with back pain?

If you have problems with any area of ​​the spine, there is no need to despair. There is a home fitness device that is extremely useful in this regard. It is the Ember Hang Ups inversion table, which is easy to use and is suitable for both passive and active exercises.

The device also give you a good psychological advantage – you can use it safely at home, at whatever time and in whatever way you choose. This way you will not have to worry about other people’s curious looks, as they wonder what health problems you have.

Thanks to the inversion table, you will quickly feel a positive change in your body, as long as you find some time for exercise – it’s just a few minutes, and not every day.

Practicing with this device moves the body, but does not strain it. The muscle connections are balanced and the pain gradually decreases. In addition to being gentle, the exercises are easy and are recommended for anyone with back problems.

There are two types in Bulgaria. One is the American Teeter inversion table and the other is Ember, and its production is carried out in the company’s Chinese division. You can safely trust them – the company has been producing these devices since 1981 and has definitely become the leader in world markets.

We have already hinted that Ember inversion tables allow users to do active and passive exercises. The former help to strengthen the main muscles, increase flexibility, improve muscle tone, and shake off stress. In the passive exercises, in which there is no effort, the discs and joints are rejuvenated.

The main feature of this fitness device is that it inclines at an angle set by you. You can also hang upside down. The positive effect begins to be felt at an angle of about 20 degrees, and at 60, the complete release of the accumulated tension in the spine is reached.

Studies show that most users prefer to hang upside down, as this gives their body the opportunity for more stretching and exercise.

With the inversion tables you can do rollovers, sit-ups and squats. To feel the beneficial change in the body, it is enough to use the inversion tables several days a week (between three and five times), from five to seven minutes each time.

The device is designed to be suitable for use by people with of large height and weight differences. Just a few persons are unable to “fit” in it. The bench is also easy to set up, and once assembled, it folds easily and it is stores without the need for much room.

If you do not have serious health problems that stop you from inverting, then do not forget to take advantage of the possibilities of the inversion tables from Teeter. They have already helped and continue to help millions of people recover from lower back pain, diseases such as herniated discs and stenosis, as well as pain in another part of the spine.

Forget medications – certainly the best option to cure yourself is by practicing natural methods. For example, you can combine training on the inversion table with regular short walks.

It will also be useful to replace the mattress on which you rest and sleep. Get an ergonomic chair if you work sitting down, as well as an anatomical seat when riding. Last but not least – follow a proper diet and do not allow yourself to be inactive in one position for a long time.

Getting rid of lower and upper back pain is not difficult at all, so get rid of them with special inversion tables!

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