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Discopathy and herbal treatment – is it possible?

Very often, spinal problems begin with mild pain in the buttocks, excessive muscle tension in the shoulders and neck, or painful sensations between the shoulder blades. It sometimes happens that these signs disappear on their own, but most often the symptoms worsen and the pain begins to pass in the limbs, accompanied by stiffness, cramps, or numbness. These are the most common symptoms accompanying degenerative diseases of the spine, from which more and more young people are suffering.

A sedentary lifestyle and poor posture lead to the fact that our spine is constantly under load. But this is not the only factor: add the cold air from the air conditioner, drafts, and uncomfortable shoes – all this leads to improper body position and excessive stress on certain parts of the spine, which the body is not physiologically prepare for.

The disease may be due to heavy lifting at work. In addition, many of us try to keep fit and to do so, go straight from work to the gym, where we start training without proper warm-up, without any warming up at all, and without stretching. Such trauma against one’s own body, especially after a busy day, can lead to discopathy.

It is certainly better to prevent the disease than to treat it and change our lifestyle. So what if this happens and our spine decides to take revenge for all the years of neglect? First, of course, we must look for a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis. A course of medication is then given. In addition, massages, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic gymnastics are recommended. However, to improve the condition of patients with discopathy, we should not neglect the wisdom of folk medicine.

Лечение на дископатия с алое

What herbs can be used for treatment?

There is hardly anyone who doubts the unique abilities of medicinal plants. They improve the condition of patients by relieving symptoms and helping patients recover. Infusions, tinctures, decoctions, and ointments in various combinations of medicinal herbs, and other natural products, such as honey or other bee products, can be used to reduce the pain of discopathy.

Of the medicinal plants, herbalists recommend aloe, garlic, birch leaves, ficus leaves, nettles, grandma’s teeth, St. John’s wort, horseradish. Olive oil, lard, brandy, alcohol, etc. are also used for the preparation of the remedies. Recipes are recommended for both external and external use. However, infusions and decoctions must be drunk after consultation with a herbalist and a doctor, as they may interact with medication.

Here we have selected several folk recipes with herbs and other natural products for external use.

Лечение на дископатия с хрян

Recipes from folk medicine that help with discopathy

Recipe with garlic

To use this recipe, you need to make sure that the method is safe for you – your cardiovascular system should be normal and you should not have any skin problems. To prepare the mixture, you need to take three hundred grams of garlic, grind it or press it. Then the garlic is mixed with 150 grams of vodka or 40% alcohol.

The dish is then covered and left for ten days in a dark place. This mixture is applied to the affected area of the skin and left for about an hour. Cover it with a thick woolen cloth. After a while, just remove the garlic and wipe the body with a towel.

Olive oil with birch leaves

For this recipe you need to pick birch leaves and dry them. You can also buy straight dried leaves. Mix 100 grams of birch leaves with 1 liter of olive oil (or 50 grams of leaves with half a liter), stir the mixture and place in a dark place for 20-25 days. It is then filtered and used to smear the problem areas by rubbing the oil into the skin. Store the oil in a tightly closed container in the dark.

Recipe with aloe and honey

100 grams of honey should be mixed with 50 milliliters of freshly squeezed juice of the houseplant in a glass jar. Add 150 milliliters of vodka or brandy to them and mix the ingredients in a glass jar. Leave the mixture overnight at room temperature and then store the jar in the refrigerator.

Every night before going to bed, warm a part of the healing mixture slightly and make a compress on a gauze folded in several layers. Place the soaked gauze on the skin in the problem area, cover with nylon, and put a thick cloth on it, preferably wool. Lie down and hold the compress for about an hour.

Horseradish recipe

Horseradish infusion helps mainly for low back pain. To prepare the infusion you need to get horseradish roots. Cut 250 grams of roots into small pieces and pour homemade brandy with a high degree (40-degree alcohol can be used) over them. Add a tablespoon of honey.

Leave the mixture to mature for two weeks, and shake the jar every day. After this period, strain the infusion through gauze. Lubricate your waist with it every night and go to bed. In the morning, grease the area with lard.

Ficus and aspirin leaves

The infusion of ficus and aspirin is prepared in a 400 or 500 ml jar. It requires 2 larger ficus leaves, 100 ml of medical alcohol and 20 aspirin tablets. At the bottom of the jar put the finely chopped ficus leaves, sprinkle them with 20 crushed aspirin tablets, which should be without additives. Pure alcohol is poured on the dry products.

The mixture is left to stand for two days, shaking the jar frequently to extract the ingredients well from the ficus leaves. After 48 hours, the infusion is ready and can be used for compresses, which are made the night before bedtime. Use gauze or other cotton cloth with them.

The gauze is soaked in the prepared tincture and then lightly squeezed, but it should still remain well moistened. It is placed on the painful area, a piece of woolen cloth, such as a scarf, is placed on top, a newspaper is placed over it, and finally it is bandaged so that the compress does not move. If your skin is more sensitive, before applying the compress, the area can be pre-lubricated with lard or olive oil.

In the morning, the gauze is removed, but the place is not washed and the woolen cloth is left on for the day. The compresses are applied until the mixture is finished. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort, which grows mainly in dry and grassy areas and forest glades throughout the country, can help with discopathy. Flowering stalks are used to relieve the symptoms of the disease. They should be cut 15-20 cm from the top of the plant.

An infusion is made from the above-ground part of the herb – 1 glass (about 200 ml) of hot water is poured over 1 teaspoon of the herb and left until it cools down. The infusion is applied as evening compresses, preferably at bedtime, and covered with a woolen scarf. Sometimes crushed red St. John’s wort mixed with olive oil is also used externally.

Лечение на дископатия с кантарион

How not to make mistakes with herbal medicine?

There are many combinations of natural remedies that are used to relieve the suffering of discopathy, but they should not be used indiscriminately. It is a big mistake to throw in a different recipe every week and constantly change the methods of treatment.

Before starting any procedure with herbs, it is good to seek the advice of a specialist – herbalist or pharmacist, as many pharmacies also sell medicinal plants. Folk remedies are very effective, but this type of treatment should not preclude consultation with a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. You should and not just try different remedies at random, because someone with low back pain has once helped himself with them, for example.

It is also naive to expect that a few compresses will miraculously heal us in a few days. Herbal medicine requires patience and perseverance. But that alone is not enough. All said, it is necessary to remember that it is better to prevent pain than to treat it. Lead an active lifestyle, but do not take on sudden heavy loads. Exercise, too, but this should not cause pain or discomfort.

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