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Low back pain gel

The lower back is a complex structure in itself, composed of muscles, spinal and nerve connections, and discs. It plays a key role in supporting the whole body in all its daily physical activities.

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The waist is responsible for maintaining the upper body and thanks to it we perform movements that include tilting and twisting. It gives flexibility, support, and balance to our body, but at the same time is a fragile part, prone to pain and injury. When its support function is impaired and we feel pain and discomfort, it also leads to a reduction in our quality of life.

Low back pain is a fairly common problem affecting a large part of the population. About 80% of all people in the world have experienced back pain at least once in their lives. And every third person in adulthood suffers from chronic back pain. Statistics also show that more and more young people are starting to complain about such a problem. Although many people underestimate their pain, if this problem is not addressed in time, symptoms can worsen and we can develop even more serious spinal problems such as herniated discs, discopathy, osteoporosis, lumbago, sciatica, stenosis, and other diseases of the spine.

Even if we feel minimal pain, this should not be a reason to pretend that it does not exist, but to find the root of what causes it. If we do not pay attention to a certain discomfort, over time it can turn into severe pain, which could have been prevented very easily. However, before making any diagnosis and undertaking self-treatment, it is best to consult an experienced specialist, as only he can determine what treatment method we need.

The causes of low back pain, as well as the types of symptoms can be numerous: from excessive stagnation in one place, lifting heavy objects, and improper posture to internal health problems with the organs or being overweight.

Back pain in rare cases can be a sign of autoimmune disease and even cancer. So it is difficult to determine our own condition with 100% certainty without consulting a specialist. Back pain has a number of treatments, but unfortunately not all of them lead to a lasting effect. Some simply temporarily soothe the pain. Low back pain gels are the most popular and affordable method for relieving low back pain.

What are low back pain gels?

All pain gels are based on more or less the same principle. Each low back pain gel contains a certain percentage of active pain medications.

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These are followed by excipients such as various herbal oils, orange oil, turmeric oil, arnica, horse chestnut, carbomers, ethyl alcohol, propanol, titanium dioxide, esters of polyols and fatty acids, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, isopropyl myristate, liquid paraffin, glycerin, methyl salicylate, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, methyl and propyl paraben, macrogol cetostearyl ether, polyethylene glycol stearate, corn starch, disodium edetrate, trobetamol, propylene glycol, and other aromatics. There are gels with heating and cooling effect.

To what extent are they effective?

Each gel helps relieve pain to varying degrees. Some help to significantly relieve pain and successfully relieve tension in muscles and joints. One of the main benefits of back pain gels is that they can block pain signals in the skin from reaching the brain.

They also act directly on the site of pain, unlike painkillers, which take time to work. We can even use them during activity without interfering with their effect.

It is important to choose the right gel according to our type of pain. If our pain is not severe and chronic, but simply appears from time to time, then the use of gels would help us.

The strength of the effect of a cream depends on its ingredients and the depth of penetration into the skin. Creams provide relief, but if the spinal problem is more serious, for example, if the pain deeply affects some muscle or disc nerve, they will not be able to eliminate it completely. Also, if we suffer from severe chronic pain that prevents us from performing our daily activities, it is advisable to seek another method of treatment.

However, the conclusion is that we cannot rely solely on the gel to relieve our pain. In conjunction, we need to use another method to treat back pain, such as exercise.

Can we buy them without a prescription?

Yes of course. There are countless low back pain gels on the market that can be taken without a prescription.

Can we combine them with other medications and treatments?

When combined with another method of treating back pain, such as physiotherapy, the effect of the gels may be enhanced. Low back pain gels are relatively safe and most of them have no side effects. However, we must also be careful when using them, as we may get an allergic reaction if we are allergic to a particular drug in the gel.

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Also, the gels can have an adverse effect on people with skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis. So, if we are not sure a product is for us, it is again desirable to consult a doctor. Low back pain gels are a safer alternative than low back pain pills because oral medications can cause stomach problems and heart problems, while the effects of the creams are limited to the muscles and joints. The dosage of the drug in them is lower and also a smaller amount of drug enters the bloodstream compared to the pills.

What are the most popular products on the market?

Here is the ranking of some of the best low back pain gels on the market:

  • Fastum Gel
  • Voltaren
  • Alga San Gel
  • Ibuprofen
  • Kreuterhof
  • Diclaque 5% Gel
  • Reparil
  • Deep Relief
  • Feloran
  • Nurofen
  • Dexofen
  • Ibmentol
  • Vernalin
  • Ibudolor

Various exercises for back pain could provide relief if performed regularly. Sports such as swimming and yoga keep the spine in good condition and could prevent the development of serious spinal problems. Other treatment methods include acupuncture.

Massage is also another recommended painkiller for low back pain. People who have tried thousands of things with no effect on pain resort to painkillers, which can be taken in the form of tablets and injections. When nothing else has helped, people also turn to surgery as a last resort.

What can eliminate long-term back pain?

One effective and relatively safe solution for back pain is inversion therapy. It can be done by using Teeter inversion tables.

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The inversion table is an innovative tool for treating back pain. It is a fitness device for exercises at home, that allows us to turn our body at any angle we want while lying down. With its help, we can completely turn our body upside down in a safe way and hang that way for a while.

Hanging upside down helps the regeneration of the discs and successfully releases the accumulated tension in the muscles and joints. Inversion tables have helped many people heal effectively and for the long-term from low back pain in a safe way with just 7 minutes a day of exercise in the comfort of their own home.



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