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Inverted couch Ember
399.00 лв.



How long after ordering will I receive the product?

Delivery usually takes 7-10 days.

How can I track the status of my request?

You will be sent an email confirming your request, which contains the delivery tracking number, on the day of shipment of the product.


What height and weight is the inversion table intended for?

The inversion table is designed for users with a height of between 1.46 m – 2.0 m and weight of up to 135 kg.

Are there options for those who exceed the height and / or weight limit?

We currently have inversion products designed for people weighing over 135 kg and exceeding 2.0 m in height.

What space will I need?

The dimensions in the folded position are: 0.5 m X 0.74 m X 1.68 m. The largest footprint of an inversion table in the unfolded position (at the highest height of 2.0 m.) is 2.21 m X 0.74 m X 2.16 m. You must provide sufficient free space to the ceiling, furniture, and close onlookers.

Размери на инверсна лежанка Тийтър

How much does the inversion table weigh?

The EMER inversion table weighs 23 kg

Does the inversion table fold?

Yes, no disassembly is required! The dimensions in the folded state are: 0.5 m X 0.74 m X 1.68 m.

Does the inversion table require assembly?

Yes, but unlike many competing models, the Teeter comes pre-assembled at almost 85%. The tools required for assembly are included. The total time for set up should be 20-30 minutes. The assembly instructions and the operating disc will guide you through this process.

Are the assembly instructions and the User’s Guide available in electronic format?

Yes, you can download the Assembly Instructions and User’s Guide from our website.

What is the product warranty?

The EMBER inversion table has a 1-year warranty


Are there any health problems that would prevent me from inverting my body?

As with any new fitness program or exercise, be sure to consult your doctor before turning your body upside down.

Is it possible to do exercises in the inverted position?

The Ember inversion table can be an exceptional tool for stretching and sports! When training “effortlessly” just lean back, relax, and let gravity do its job. For a more dynamic workout, the inversion table can “lock” you with a full rollover so you can do stretches, sit-ups, and squats. The assembly and use disc that comes with the model EP-950 Ltd inversion table includes stretching tips and exercises. In addition, there is a bonus CD containing Dr. Sean’s Basic Healthy Back Practices, showing a 20-minute lesson on the device.

Do I have to turn 90 degrees to get the full benefits?

No! The benefits start at a smaller angle of 20 degrees. To completely decompress your spine, train at 60 degrees (the angle of the hind legs). The angle adjustment belt allows the user to easily adjust the angle of rotation so that it can never go beyond the desired position. It is interesting to note, however, that more than half of all Teeter users regularly roll over completely (“lock” at 90 degrees) because they like the way they feel and enjoy the extra freedom of stretching and sports movements.


What do I need to know about your company?

История на компания Тийтър

Teeter is the only company that has been producing inversion equipment without interruption since 1981. Teeter is the market leader in inversion equipment and a groundbreaker in quality inversion products for home, clinical, and commercial fitness use.

Teeter is a family business. Roger and Jennifer Teeter developed the business for almost three decades before transferring the day-to-day operations to their daughter Riley Teeter Layer, who honors their professional ethics and perseverance and has made Teeter a well-known trademark by continuing to implement the highest quality standards in manufacturing. .

Teeter’s offices are located in Puyallup, Washington, about 20 minutes east of Tacoma and 40 minutes south of Seattle. The amazing view of Mount Rainier, which can be seen from our windows, reminds us how lucky we are to live in the northwest.

Who is Roger Teeter?

Основателят на компанията - Роджър Тийтър

Teeter was founded in 1981 by Roger Teeter and his wife Jennifer, who have spent much of their lives educating people around the world about the benefits of inversion therapy.

The first time Roger heard about inversion was at a water ski tournament. At the time, he was suffering from severe back problems as a result of a car accident and the physical consequences of professional water skiing. On his worst mornings, Roger had to crawl to the bathroom to pour hot water cover his back so he could work during the day. He also wore a huge brace with metal rods that supported his back every time he skied for 5 years! Finally, Roger discovered that by inversion he can relieve back pain and be on the path to recovery.

Roger benefited so much from inversion therapy that he decided to start a company involved in the production of high quality inversion products. Sky’s the Limit (STL) entered the inversion products market in 1981 with Hang Ups gravity boots and inversion tables known today by the extremely popular name Teeter. Teeter has been in this business for over three and a half decades and is known worldwide as a leader, innovator and pioneer in the inversion equipment market.

Roger Teeter is a graduate engineer from the University of Wisconsin. He has more than 50 years of experience in developing fitness and sports equipment. In addition to inversion products, he has led teams on more than 200 projects to develop new products for other companies, including many medical and dental products. Roger was recently recognized by the American Water Ski Foundation for his contributions to innovative design.

How often is the couch used?

How often is the couch used?
It is enough to hang for 5-7 minutes a day, three to five times a week.

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