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Stenosis – what is the disease and how to cure it?

Stenosis is not a commonly reported disease, but this does not mean that it has no serious effect on the body. In fact, it is widespread and can cause us significant harm if we do not take action in time.

What is it?

In short, stenosis is a narrowing. It can occur in different parts of the body – blood vessels, intestines, esophagus, and more.

A variant of the disease is spinal stenosis, which occurs in the spine. It narrows the spinal canal, which can damage it due to compression.

Спинална стеноза - обяснение |

In foraminal stenosis, the openings for the nerve roots, which go from the spinal cord to various organs, can be narrowed. The spinal cord is affected mainly in the lumbar region. As a result, the lower back begins to ache, and walking results in leg pain. They can be so serious that they even hinder movement.

The disease usually occurs in people over the age of 50, and it often turns out that they have arthritis, as well. However, it also occurs in younger people who suffer from spinal deformities. If the disease is not congenital, it usually results from age-related structural changes in the spine.

The changes may affect both the vertebrae and the discs between them. Over the years, the vertebrae and discs in question wear out and lose their properties, which makes it easier for them to suffer from deformities.

This wear and tear is one of the most common injuries of the human spine caused by age. Thus, due to the sliding of adjacent vertebrae, certain nerves are often compressed. If not treated in time, the disease will develop and can cause major complications and pain. These include paralysis of the legs, as well as problems with bowel and bladder function, the and reproductive system, and more.

What are the symptoms?

The disease can occur in three parts of the spine. There is a risk of compression of the nerve roots and spinal cord in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions. The symptoms are similar, affecting the waist, back, legs, and arms.

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For example, in cervical spinal stenosis, the most obvious symptom is tingling in the fingers. This can also affect the legs, which is typical for the variety affecting the lumbar region.

Overall, a person begins to feel weak, as the muscles of the legs and arms are not strong enough. Stiffness, tingling, and loss of sensation occur. This is because the nerves that are responsible for the senses and muscles are affected.

In people who develop spinal stenosis, falls become more frequent, awkwardness increases, and hot flashes often occur in the legs. There is also pain when walking and this increases with exercise. It will usually subside only when sitting or other static positions at rest.

How to treat yourself?

It should be noted that in order to obtain effective treatment, an accurate diagnosis must be made. This is necessary because it often happens that the symptoms in question are also caused by other diseases.

болки в кръста

It is best to perform the diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging. This non-X-ray method shows parts of the body and organs, so that their condition can be assessed. Another suitable method is computed tomography, which produces a three-dimensional image of the organs being examined. The myelogram is also used frequently, and involves injecting a special substance into the spinal canal.

In the treatment of the disease, different types of medicine can be used – allopathic and homeopathic. The first involves conservative and operative treatment, while the second includes the Indian medical science of Ayurveda.

Conservative treatment relies on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, massage, and physiotherapy. In physiotherapy, an individual program is made, including various training exercises, to help the patient to be able to control the disease. This is possible, for example, by finding an optimal posture in which the pain of movement is relieved with minimal strain on the spine.

Exercise also helps strengthen muscles in different parts of the body – back, arms, neck. Another way of conservative treatment is use of hormonal effects. It involves the introduction of hormones into the affected area, thus reducing pain and swelling. However, this method is successful in only about half of the patients. If conservative treatment does not give results and the pain and injuries intensify, then surgical treatment is the next step.

For the treatment of stenosis in alternative medicine, Ayurveda offers steam and heat therapy with healthy herbs and oils, as well as special massages of that rub them into the affected area. Laxatives and other treatments are also used.

The treatment of the disease with yoga is done with specific poses and exercises. They help to slow down changes in the structure of the spine and increase strength and flexibility. They also work successfully to release the pinched nerve. The type of these exercises and postures depends on the area where the disease has manifested. However, care must be taken with their practice, especially when they involve twists and bends.

It is important to say that well- planned physical activity can have a great effect on healing from stenosis. If you practice the correct exercises regularly, it will not be long before you feel the positive changes. The initial reaction is to assume that taking a lot of medication and complete rest will have a better effect, but in fact the problems only get worse. So you will definitely be on the right track if you exercise regularly, for example by using inversion tables.

How do inversion tables help us?

If you have a stenosis or other problems related to the spine, do not despair. There is a home fitness device that is extremely useful in this regard. It is the Ember inversion table, which is easy to use and is suitable for both passive and active exercises.

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The device also has a good psychological advantage – you can use it safely at home, at whatever time and in whatever way you choose. This way you will not have to worry about other people looking at you and being curious as to what health problems you have. Thanks to the inversion table you will quickly feel a positive change in your body. All you have to do is find some time for exercise – it takes just a few minutes, and not every day.

Practicing with this device moves the body, but does not strain it. The muscle connections are balanced and the pain gradually decreases. In addition to being non-strenuous, the exercises are easy and are recommended for anyone with stenosis and other back problems.

There are two types of inversion tables in Bulgaria. One is the American Teeter inversion table and the other is Emer, which is manufactured by the Teeter company’s Chinese division. You can safely trust them – the company has been producing these products since 1981 and has definitely taken a leading position in world markets.

We have already hinted that Teeter inversion tables allow you to do active and passive exercises. The former help to strengthen the main muscles, increase flexibility, raise the overall muscle tone, and shake off stress. In the passive exercises, in which there is no effort, the discs and joints are revitalized .

A main characteristic of this fitness device is that it inclines at an angle set by you. You can also hang upside down. You begin to get the positive effect at an angle of about 20 degrees, and at 60 a complete release of the accumulated tension in the spine is reached.

Studies show that most users prefer to hang upside down, as this allows them to do more stretching and exercise. With the inversion tables you can do sit-ups and squats.

To feel the beneficial change in the body, it is enough to use your inversion table between three and five times a week, from five to seven minutes each time. The device is designed to be suitable for use by people over a wide range of heights and weights. Only a few people are unable to “fit” in its size. The bench is also easy to set up, and once assembled, it folds easily and fits into most storage spaces.

As long as you do not have serious health problems stopping you, be sure to give the Teeter inversion tables a try. They have helped millions of people so far (and continue to do so) to overcome diseases such as stenosis, discopathy, and similar conditions. If regaining good health seems too difficult a task, then know that there is no room for giving up – inversion tables are here to help you!

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