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Get rid of back and lower back pain in time!

Лежанки - Болки в гърба

Back and lower back pain can cause enormous discomfort if it is associated with a disease of the spine. We experience them in these diseases as well as in diseases of the liver, spleen, and more.

Therefore, if they appear, we should not wait for them to pass by themselves. We need to seek medical help to understand what they are about and have the appropriate treatment prescribed.

If they are connected to the spine, there is a home fitness device that is especially useful in treating back and lower back pain. It is easy to use and allows for various exercises – both passive and active.

It also has a strong psychological advantage – you use it at home in comfort and privacy, when and how you choose. Without other people watching you, like in the gym, let’s say – and without your health problems becoming public knowledge.

It is enough to find a few minutes a day several times a week for exercise and you will quickly feel the difference.

We are talking about Teeter inversion tables. Ask your doctor if you can use them.

When using them for passive exercises, you just lie comfortably relaxed at the angle you choose – 20, 40 or 60 degrees, with your head downward. You can also turn your body 90 degrees and hang upside down.

If your doctor decides that you do not have any health contraindications stopping you from lying down or hanging like this, use Teeter tables.

They are based on inversion therapy in which gravity works for your treatment. When the connections between the vertebrae of the spine are loosened, there is subsidence, friction, and nerve endings begin to be compressed.

The main thing about using Teeter tables is that it relieves the tension in the spine, resting the worn vertebrae and the discs between them, and helping to restore them.

Thus, the exercises are useful in already existing diseases – including in the treatment of discopathy or stenosis. The fact that they also reduce the stress of our daily routines and lifestyle should not be overlooked either.

As mentioned, these rehabilitation exercises do not take much time – it is enough to hang upside down between 5 and 7 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week.

By the way, you don’t have to hang – the beneficial effect of the released tension starts at less than 20 degrees and is already full at 60 degrees.

For more active exercises, you can squat, raise up to a sitting position, or do abdominal presses. This helps to build healthy core muscles (those in the back and abdomen) which increases flexibility.

The currently available inversion table, model EP-950, is suitable for a wide range of users. It is almost universal – it can be used by people with a height of 1.46 to 2 meters and weight of up to 135 kilograms! There are only a few who do not fit this range of sizes.

The table is also easy to assemble – it comes over 85% assembled, with mounting tools, instructions, and a disc for use. Once assembled, it then folds in only seconds to a size of 0.5 by 0.74 by 1.68 m and easily fits into most storage spaces. Its carries a full 5-year warranty for all components.

In short – it’s easy and effective against back and lower back pain – get rid of them in time!

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