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Inversion table

The Inversion table is also extremely useful in the treatment of back and lower back pain, as well as for exercises in the treatment of discopathy and disc herniation.

“Through a regular body inversion program, I not only found relief for my back pain, but I maintained youthful functioning in my joints. I’m in my seventies and I’m still running and surfing. Aren’t you curious to know what body inversion can do for you?” “Roger Teeter.”

In just a few minutes a day, you can experience natural relief from back pain, improved joint condition, and renewed energy and flexibility. If you are looking for a natural solution for a healthier back at home, then try Inversion. And when you value quality, you will trust the Teeter Hang Ups products.

Teeter Hang Ups номер 1 продукт

  • Top rated: In a report by the engineering team evaluating the inversion tables from the top brands in accordance with the requirements of the UL 1647 standard, Teeter Hang Ups brand products were rated as Number 1 in all categories. During one test to simulate actual use, the Teaser inverted bench functioned for 25 years without failure when used by a two-member family, while all others suffered catastrophic damage as a result of a broken or worn metal part in less than 2 and a half years. In the self-load and payload test, Teeter withstood 4.8 times the load without failure while another brand of product collapsed under a load of 82 kg, and the strongest only at 1.5 times the weight of the load the average user!
  • Tested for rotation at maximum speed at calculated maximum user weight to ensure safety in extreme conditions
  • Endurance at locking the ankle when testing a minimum of 30,000 repetitions
  • Load of own weight and payload up to a minimum of 400% safety factor (based on calculated maximum user weight)
  • Cyclic testing up to a minimum of 30,000 repetitions
  • Guaranteed quality: Unlike most fitness equipment, inversion tables are required to do more than meet mandatory structure or performance requirements. Only the Teeter brand complies with the NEW UL 1647 STANDARD. Unlike previous UL certifications, the new standard is designed to test the unique function of the inversion tables and to simulate their use in “real world” situations by testing the main safety factors such as:

Remarkable features of the inversion table:

    • Ankle locking system with ratchet mechanism: The extended handle of the ankle locking system is efficient to use, as it the its triple lock protection function.
    • Ergonomic ankle grip systemTM: Special foam cushions that reduce pressure cover the ankles while the patented ankle lock system comfortably distributes body weight around the foot and heel. This construction greatly reduces the discomfort in the ankle, giving the user a feeling of both relaxation and security.
    • EZTM Stretch Arms: For relaxing the muscles in the lower back, pressing the handles can help increase stretching and enhance the feeling of traction. The handles can also be used for periodic stretching and rocking.
    • Additional EZTM handles: Larger sealed support handles help with turning and lowering the body.
    • o Preset rotation control: The EZ AngleTM strap is a unique feature that allows you to pre-set angles of 20, 40, or 60 degrees and provides easy targeting to where the benefits of turning the body begin so you can take full advantage of them.
    • Robust medical-grade framework

    • Flex Technology – Ergonomic bending technologyTM: Our patented design moves with you, and is adapted for stretching over a wider range of motion. Movement when inverted promotes resynchronization and relaxes the muscles. The removable cushion help to maintain comfort.
    • Optimal decompression surface: The smooth surface of the inversion table reduces friction, allowing the body to slide and achieve optimal decompressive stretching.
    • Constructed to resist tearing and staining: The construction using Flex Technology is stronger than conventional nylon or vinyl bases that are prone to wear. The easy-to-clean surface ensures a flawlessly clean exterior after years of use.
    • Ankle Comfort ScaleTM: The new foot platform increases or decreases for a smaller or larger foot creating a comfortable and secure size for the ankle braces.
    • Precise balancing: Compared to competing brands, engineering tests have shown that Teeter inversion tables are the most precisely balanced. The superior construction allows controlled rocking with minimal effort, contributing to the smooth movement of the joints and allows secure locking at full rotation when performing complex exercises and stretching.
    • Stable foundation (with additional floor protection): The solid A-shaped tubular frame with corner bases increases the overall base of the A-shaped frame by 20% and reduces slipping on hard surfaces.
    • Unique patented security features: Hinges with automatic locking, finger locks, and thermally hardened steel parts create a safer and more reliable product.
    • Smooth, quiet rotation: The noise-reducing round handle and special hinged bearings guarantee the life of the appliance, rotating without squeaking and rattling.
    • High quality coatings: Anti-scratch powder coating and triple chrome coating.
    • Easy installation: The inversion table comes 90%pre-assembled. The engineering team reports 13 minutes of installation time, unlike other brands which require an average of 71 minutes – enough time saved inversion twice a day for a week!
    • Quick retraction: Folds in seconds to 71 x 41 x 168 cm.

The benefits of inversion

Achieve a healthier back and stronger body with Teeter Hang Ups products.

  • Rehydrates discs to speed recovery and for better shock-absorption and flexibility
  • Reduces nervous tension
  • Adjusts the spine to take the weight of your body
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Improves joint flexibility and range of motion

Product specifications: Teeter rehabilitation inversion table EP 950

Height range: 146 cm – 200 cm
Weight range: 135 кг
Dimensions in the extended position: 221 см x 74 см x 216 см
Dimensions when folded: 50 см x 74 см x 168 см
Weight of the packaged product: 35 кг
Dimensions of the packaged product: 130 см x 79 см x 20 см

The inversion table is used 7 minutes a day, which is enough to achieve excellent results!

Price: BGN 399
(including delivery)

Inversion Tables