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Low back pain cream

Statistics show that one in five people or about 20% of the world’s population suffers from back and lower back pain.Musculoskeletal problems appear at an earlier age and an increasing number of people around and just over 30 year old, regularly experience low back pain.

Modern medicine offers various ways to reduce low back pain – from oral medications, physiotherapy, reflexology, non-invasive and invasive surgery, and inversion table exercises, to gels and creams to relieve pain.

In recent years, gels and creams are among the most preferred remedies for lumbar pain, as they can be purchased without any problems in any pharmacy without having to present a prescription. In addition, creams for external use can be used alone or in combination with other therapeutic or drug therapies.

How to choose a product for external use for low back pain?

Nowadays, it is enough to just go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for a cream for low back pain. Pharmacists will be happy to offer you at least 10 types of gels, creams, and sprays for external use and each of them can bring you the desired pain relief. Yes, but how do you choose exactly the cream or gel that will work for you?

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The are several main criteria to consider when choosing a cream for low back pain:

* According to what is the root cause of the pain. (To find out for sure what the pain is due to, you must visit a specialist);

* According to the method of use. (Ointments should be able to be used quickly and easily);

* According to the effectiveness of the drug;

* Depending on the presence or absence of contraindications (If its contraindications are many, you had better skip purchasing that cream);

* According to the frequency and duration of use.

Based on these basic criteria, you can choose the most effective, safe and easy to use ointment in keeping with the pathology of the disease.

The creams for low back pain, which are most often offered in pharmacies, are basically four types:

* analgesic and anti-inflammatory creams;

* chondroprotectors;

* creams with local warming effect;

* combination creams.

Popular and effective ointments and creams

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic creams (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAIDs)

This is the most effective and widely used group of ointments, sprays, and creams. This type of medicine quickly reduces pain and eliminates inflammation.

The most popular creams from this group are:

Fastum Gel

The active ingredient in Fastum Gel is ketoprofen. Additional substances that increase the effect of the active substance are menthol, lavender and neroli. Currently, this is one of the most well-known and popular creams for relieving low back and back pain. Fastum Gel has a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It can be bought without a prescription.


The active substance contained in this cream is ibuprofen, which gives the drug very good analgesic effect when applied externally. Ibuprofen manages inflammation and helps with pain in radiculitis, osteoarthritis, and other conditions. The cream should be applied for no more than three weeks.

Voltaren Emulgel

This pain medication contains diclofenac. Due to its water-alcohol base, the tissues in the treatment area are cooled and the analgesic effect is realized. Voltaren Emulgel can be purchased without a prescription and gives good results in reducing pain caused by muscle injuries, low back pain, some forms of arthritis, and other ailments.


This medicinal product from the group of NSAIDs has piroxicam as its active ingredient. The cream is easy to apply, does not penetrate into the deep layers of the tissue, and has a low risk of adverse reactions. A remarkable therapeutic effect has been observed in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, as well as in diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.


The drug has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is available in pharmacies without a prescription and is used to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Topical creams for low back pain in this group are not recommended to be applied for more than 14 days, as side effects may occur with prolonged use.


Chondroprotectors do not reduce pain, but help treat the disease. These are long-acting creams, sprays and gels that are applied to restore damaged cartilage and prevent the development of osteoarthritis, degenerative, and dystrophic processes. The usual duration of use of chondroprotectors is from 4 to 6 months, and together with the creams for low back pain, it is recommended that you take oral medications.

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The composition of all creams of this type includes chondroitin sulfate and glycosaminoglycans. The most popular creams of this type are Chondroxide, Artrotsin, Hondrofleks, and Alflutop.

There are practically no contraindications for the use of chondroprotective preparations for external use, except in case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the cream for low back pain.

Creams / gels with warming and analgesic effect

This type of cream is recommended for pain after trauma, exercise, or diseases such as lumbago, arthritis, and osteochondrosis. The warming effect of this type of ointment is due to the fact that the active ingredients in them cause dilation of blood vessels in the treated area. This activates metabolic processes, improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues, slows down pathological processes, and reduces pain.

As the effect of this type of cream helps the patient to dissipate the pain, the drug should be applied not only to the site of localized pain, but also to adjacent areas of the skin. This type of creams and ointments has a simple composition and very few contraindications. However, treatment with them should be situational rather than regular.

The creams in this category that are most often offered in pharmacies are:


The active substances contained in this low back pain cream are capsaicin, ethylene glycol salicylate, and ethyl nicotinate. The drug has a local warming effect, activates blood circulation, increases local temperature, and has oath analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.


The active ingredients of Finalgon are nonivamide and nicoboxil. Regular application of the cream warms the upper layers of the epidermis, activates tissue nutrition, increases metabolism, and reduces pain.


Combined ointments and creams for low back pain are quite effective because they contain analgesic, anti-inflammatory, restorative and soothing ingredients. Teraflex Forte, Dikloran are among the most popular combination creams.

How effective are low back pain creams?

Research on the effectiveness of creams is quite controversial. Some studies show that they can relieve pain, while others have not found that their use gives the desired result.

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The fact is, however, that creams, gels and sprays for pain relief contain various active ingredients that block pain signals, thus bringing relief to the patient.

The wide distribution and use of low back pain creams is due to their rapid effect, their relative safety, and the fact that they can be bought hassle-free from pharmacies.

Undoubtedly, they cause much fewer side effects than drugs in the form of tablets or injections, but it should not be forgotten that these are still medical products and their use should be approached very carefully.

It is unwise to purchase and use creams, sprays, or gels without prior consultation with a specialist as this can lead to serious consequences.

Therefore, neurologists, physiotherapists, and orthopedists recommend that before you decide to get rid of low back pain with one of the popular creams, you should visit a specialist who can recommend the right cream for your type of pain.

Затова невролозите, физиотерапевтите и ортопедите препоръчват преди да решите да се спасите от болката в кръста с някой от популярните кремове да посетите специалист, който може да ви препоръча подходящия за вашия вид болка крем.

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